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Security at every step

Native application security testing

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Find and fix vulnerabilities 7x faster

With AI-powered application security testing tools embedded in your development workflow, GitHub Advanced Security outperforms non-native add-ons by delivering 7x faster remediation rates for identified vulnerabilities.

Secure your code

Detect security issues in your pull requests and prevent new vulnerabilities from entering main with automatic scans that leverage machine learning to continuously amp up accuracy.

Prioritize alerts and view exposure across the codebase to make sure you focus on what matters. Automatically resolve alerts with AI-powered auto-remediation.

Find vulnerabilities and suppress false positives with more than 2,000 queries from GitHub and the open-source community, or write your own queries for custom-curated results. Support for third-party scanning engines includes consolidated results in a single unified interface. Tackling a big project? Multi-repository variant analysis means you can run a single query on up to 1000 repositories at once.

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Software supply chains, secure by design

GitHub supply chain security is designed for developers, built for speed, and free for everyone. All powered by a database of over 12,000 expert-reviewed advisories.

Secure your supply chain

Fresh, clean dependencies. Every year, developers resolve over 60M outdated and vulnerable dependencies with Dependabot.

Automatically monitor and fix vulnerable dependencies with expert curation and remediation advice from our community of over 100M developers.

Detect and prevent secret leaks

Keep secrets out of your code with secret scanning and push protection, built on the foundation of 100+ partners and 200+ token types. Create custom patterns and detect leaked passwords, powered by AI.

Complete visibility into your enterprise

Security overview provides a cross-organizational view of security issues and trends so that you can focus on prioritizing remediation efforts and track progress over time.